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Collage of portfolio photos Brittany Portrait green shirt FLaming Lips live stage shot with confetti Brittany portrait on old car Amanda's pregnant belly with jazz hands Jordyn fairy portrait Mondo SeXXXX still photography at the Cookeville Depot Macro photo of large fly in Canada Ween live at the Tabernacle in Atlanta Flaming Lips live, Wayne in ball on top of crowd Rasputina live at Exit/In in Nashville Brittany standing in junkyard wearing a bikini Tiffany sitting on purple rose petals while wearing a purple dress FLower at Burgess Falls Collection of Gibson guitars with the neck of a Les Paul coming out of the frame toward the viewer 1 year old Raquel playing with toys Hood wearing reflective goggles Kiley's pregnant tattooed belly Sam mixing up the spirits at Char in Cookeville Self portrait of Be Here Now Photography's Jeff Mackie taken in Canada Our beautiful and sweet cat, Shadow, playing with a flower The Fabulous Miss Wendy playing guitar behind her head Still photography on the set of Logan Myers film "Brain Dump Inc", a bug attracted to the light Close up of Wayne from the FLaming Lips live in Atlanta Light shines from behind DJ Legiticus Macro shot of Gibson Les paul taken from the bridge A nice assortment of GIbson guitars DJ LEgiticus groovin to the beats Creepy shot of the Super Moon shining through tree limbs Seagulls flying away from CUrretn River in THunder Bay Ontario Canada Valient Himself of Valient Thorr rocking the mic Hood with her angel wings and a glass skull Amanda lifting her shirt to show off her baby belly Brittany and Dana exiting a broken down bus to be greeted by dogs Still photography behind the scenes on Logan Myers film "Mondo SeXXXX: The Terry Kobrah Story" with Jim Dale manipulating characters during the diorama/puppetry scene Wonderful portrait of Witties witha  random vintage paper mask we found at the Backdoor Playhouse TTU campus Creepy doll that used to belong to my grandmother, heavy shadows Great macro nature shot taken in a backyard, THunder Bay Ontario Canada Night Eyes Entertainment shining lasers in your face Jordyn being adorable in her raincoat, blowing on a pinwheel flower Wayne of FLaming LIps jumping in front of the stage as fists pump in the crowd Behind the scenes photo shoot on the set of "Mondo SeXXXX: The Terry Kobrah Story", the lovely Nessa and her trophy Sloan posing for a graduation shot Sean Lennon plays a guitar solo with his band Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger


Portraits: Family, Children, Seniors, Pets, Couples, Maternity, Engagement
Special Events/Parties/Reunions/Sporting Events/Group Activities
Business IDs/Merchandise/Menu Items/Website Products
Band Promotional/Live Concert Photography
... And More!

If you have other photography needs please feel free to inquire. We can discuss your particular goals and do everything in our power to deliver the kind of photographs you have in mind.

We are looking forward to working with future clients, customers, models and fellow photographers as soon as possible.

**Please Stay Tuned : the website is currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION**

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